The Additive Injector allows any fuel additive to be blended with any fuel. It requires only a few things: a way to pump the additive, a way to meter the additive flow and a way to meter the main product flow (not necessary for transport installations); for many installations, we will either recommend or provide a pump, meter, and/or other required equipment. Accuracy is typically 99% or better, and not a drop of additive goes unaccounted for: every transaction is recorded to a regular USB Flash drive in a standard format compatible with most spreadsheet programs.

Operation is as simple as flipping a switch, and setup is done through an intuitive plain-English menu system. The software in control of the injection is customizable upon request and the Additive Injector is capable of responding to one or more external events or inputs.

Information is displayed on a bright vacuum fluorescent display and is written in a friendly human-readable format. No strange error codes or cryptic error messages or instructions: plain English, plain sense.


With its advanced silicon brain, the Additive Injector goes above and beyond. Not simply a mechanical or passive piece of equipment, the Injector employs precision electronics that exhibit fine control over any pump they're attached to. Capable of blending additive in a number of ways, the results are always stellar, with accuracies upwards of 99.5% and measurements down to 1/1000th of a gallon. The Additive Injector's intelligence is extended to its logging capabilities: all transactions, successful or otherwise, are recorded to a regular USB Flash drive, readable on any computer.


While some systems measure additive by counting pump rotations, and some measure it only by how long the pump has been running, we feel that's simply unacceptable. We employ precision flow meters that output thousands of pulses per gallon, allowing for extremely tight control over the quantity of additive. Our pumps are capable of running at over 100 speeds, which enables perfect matching of main product flow to additive product flow. No matter the application, the All-Line Additive Injector's electronics can take hold of the situation, delivering incredible accuracies at all times.


Made from industrial components and housed in a NEMA-4 rated fiberglass enclosure, the electronic controller is a weatherproof rugged unit equipped with an easy-to-use keypad and a high-brightness vacuum fluorescent display. The pump module, for truck-mount applications, is enclosed in a steel container and contains a high-quality stainless steel pump and an aluminum meter with stainless steel gears. The pump is magnetically coupled, allowing the motor to spin independently of the pump gears. The pump is controlled purely electronically and performs exceptionally in virtually all circumstances.

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