Able to monitor up to two main product streams simultaneously

Able to control up to four additive streams

  • Sequential batching uses a solenoid valve to inject small "batches" of additive
  • Ratio blending allows the controller to vary the pump speed to maintain a consistent flow rate

Serial control

  • Responds to many different kinds of input
  • Operating parameters can be remotely adjusted
  • Remote monitoring and data acquisition
  • Compatible with serial-to-ethernet conversion

Alarm outputs

  • Two configurable alarm outputs can trigger relays to control virtually any device (buzzers, lights, etc.)

Three analog inputs

  • Usable with selector switches for compartment selection
  • Can be attached to a dial to vary blending rates
  • Can also be used with fuel gauges

4-20mA outputs

  • Two 4-20mA outputs can exert control over a wide variety of industrial equipment
  • Useful with variable-frequency drives that can accept current loop input

Integratable with Fuel Management Systems

  • Two programmable pulse outputs can signal to other systems the amount of additive dispensed
  • Serial output can also be used for this purpose

Three digital sensor inputs

  • Useful for float switches
  • Can be used to signal external error conditions to which our unit should respond

Remote screen

  • One or more remote screens can be attached
  • Remote screens are of the same high-quality vacuum fluorescent type on our main units
  • Maximum distance is approximately 50 feet without amplification

Real-time clock
Password protection
Accountability and Recording

  • An integrated USB controller can write all transactions to a regular USB Flash drive
  • Data is recorded in an industry standard format (CSV)
  • Data can be easily imported into productivity software, such as Microsoft Excel
  • Settings can also be backed up to a USB Flash drive — these can be examined by an All-Line Support Technician to determine if a problem exists in your configuration

Field programmable

  • Any software tweaks or customizations can be applied in the field
  • Updates are done via the USB Flash drive
  1. We e-mail you the update
  2. You save the update to a USB Flash drive
  3. You insert the USB Flash drive into the unit
  4. Using Setup, you choose General Setup → Firmware Update.
  5. Update completes on its own.
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